H.P & C.C.B.I.T Spring Tour 2018 T-shirts

Hand screen printed tshirts- 100%cotton
Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
10€ inc. postage
paypal> horaciopollard@gmail.com

Santiago, Spain @ Kadiq @ Corzo pub  Big thanks to Fuco & Kintobe!
"Visual Artist and Warlord of the eccentric synth shred. Troll techno, counter rhythmic slap bass. Stuck in a fever dream but you’re kinda into it" 



  • TUESDAY 05.06 21:00

  • Spring tour coming along.

    12.04.18. Leipzig DE Spelunke
    13.04.18. Hannover DE @ Silly Art
    14.04.18. Müllheim an der Ruhe @ Makroskope DE
    15.04.18. Hamburg on the Sputnitz

    UK 17.04 Colchester UK Arts Centre
    19.04 Woodbridge, Suffolk UK - "cheapest cigs n booze in town" home turf
    21.04 Lancaster- 
    23.04 ???UK
    24.04 Bradford @ Fuse
    25.04 ???UK
    26.04 Nottingham @ Rammel club
    27.04 London -new river studios
    28.04 Bristol - The Cube Cinema 
    29.04 ???
    30.04 ???

    11.05 Madrid @ La Layenda 
    12.05 Santiago @ El Corzo

    05.06. Berlin @ Kugelbahn, Wedding > 

    Gives me great whooping cough to have  'Cheapest cigs n booze in town' join the ride in the UK. He'll have cine projections and more going on - expect nothing short of a beautiful waste of energy.

    If you are loosing your marbles in Great Snoring or just need a thrill in Whippingham THEN GET IN TOUCH immediately!  We still have free days that MUST be filled!

    Performance Appraisal

    HORACIO POLLARD: Performance Appraisal - A Collection of Live Recordings 2016/2017 CASSETTE (Drid Machine, 2017)
    100 minutes of HP in various live settings. Dizzying and mesmerising. Screen printed cover. Available NOW. €8/Nok 80

    East Europe Tour 2016

    The European leg of the Golden Oriole & Horacio Pollard tour starts tonight at Ülase12 in Tallinn (EE).
    25/10/16 Tallinn (EE), Ülase12
    27/10/16 Vilnius (LT), Kirtimų Kultūros Centras
    29/10/16 Poznań (PL), LAS
    01/11/16 Bratislava (SK), Fuga
    02/11/16 Vienna (AT), Venster99
    03/11/16 Linz (AT), Kapu
    05/11/16 Novi Sad (RS), CK13
    06/11/16 Ostrava (CZ), TBA
    07/11/16 Brno (CZ), TBA
    08/11/16 Kroměříž (CZ), TBA
    09/11/16 Budweis (CZ), Velbloud
    10/11/16 Bamberg (DE), JUZ
    11/11/16 Leipzig (DE), B12
    12/11/16 Berlin (DE), WestGermany
    13/11/16 Brussels (BE), TBA

    Upcoming Japan dates

    29.10. Osaka @ Conpass with VMO
    03.10. Osaka @ Figya
    04.10 Tokyo @ Asagaya TEN with Kiyasu Orchestra/ Dave Skipper
    06.10  Koriyama @Studio tissue box
    07.10 Tokyo @ Suizokukan, Okubo
    08.10 Sendai @ STORE15NOV

    12" on DRID MACHINE.

    2 tracks, totalling 18 minutes, of delirious electro-funk. Horacio Pollard rocks the mic and harmonica while one turbid groove blends seamlessly into another. His most infectious release yet. Full colour labels. 4-colour screen printed cover - die-cut and hand-assembled.


    05-06.15- OSLO with Noxagt, Brutal Blues & No Balls.
    09.06.15- MOSCOW. Someones apartment. TBC.
    16.06.15- NOVOSIBIRSK.
    17-06.15- KEMEROVO.
    26.06.15- BEIJING @ XP with Ryan Jordon.
    30.06.15- BEIJING. Ryan Jordon/ H.pollard duo.
    03.07.15- SHANGHAI. Inferno with Ryan Jordon & Torturing Nurse.


    12.07.15 KOBE @ SPACE EAUUU
    18.07.15 OSAKA @ Environment 0g [ zero-gauge ]


    OUT JUNE 7TH!!
    Recorded during the same session as the Frequencies of Seizure tape on DMR, HORACIO POLLARD delivers a 3 minute foggy funk masterpiece. This record marks the first KJETIL D BRANDSDAL solo-release in 16 years. Solo bass recorded live at Gullrent by Morten J. Olsen. 2-colour screen print on silver hologram paper. Orange vinyl.

    New cassette release on Pilgrim Talk (done ages & ages ago) Me and Tim Olive.
    Tim someplace in Japan and paddling splashlessly and not through fluctuating peer pressure above the PU's getting hot. I was sent this material and, over an anvils back, gave it a wallop. Tim etched our seal of approval with an emery wheel then glazed it in thick engine grease.

    DridMachine Records Tape re-print!

    The HORACIO POLLARD tape on DRID MACHINE is available again! Same 4 colour screen printed sleeve (and a print on the inside), but this time with colour varations on the cover and tape. Printed on Stumptown Printers Brad Pack. Nok 50 / €6 / $8 + shipping.

    Happy to announce a new HP release, 'The Emotional Freedom Technique & the Theta Brainwave Amplitude caused by Manta Ray' released on CD by old friend Bjorn Hatleskog, on his label Adaadat
    You can listen and purchase here. 

    New Zealand/Singapore 
    Tour April '14!!

    Back from a 5 week tour with Staer. Was an incredible trip.
    Many, many memorable moments plus some awesome shows in strange, unexpected locations.
    Big thanks to Staer for stricking nexus chimerical across my brain.

    more  unrepresentative photos here:

    7" split with Staer now available from Staalplaat.

    "........Captain Beefheart meets the Residents on a LSD trip."  Vital Weekly March 2014

    " The blast side shows a yet unrevealed face of Horacio Pollard experimental work. Three short pieces assembled together as a constantly growing nightmarish flow. Reminiscences of The Residents blend with cold and slightly dissonant, demonic funky grooves. This is breakdancing music for George A. Romero zombies. Truly, hellishly beautiful stuff."  Stereo Killer 2014
    ⚡ M O Z A R T ⚡ K E B A B ⚡ P R E S E N T S ⚡




    12/02/14 Oslo (NO), Brugata ☠
    13/02/14 Stockholm (SE), Fylkingen,  http://fylkingen.se/program
    14/02/14 Gothenburg (SE), Element Studios, http://www.ollehuge.com/test/
    15/02/14 TBA
    16/02/14 Hamburg (DE), MS Stubnitz ✝
    17/02/14 Dresden (DE), Chemiefabrik ✝
    18/02/14 Cologne (DE), Baustelle Kalk,  http://baustellekalkpost.blogspot.de/2014/01/1802-staer-nor-horacio-pollard-ibiza.html
    19/02/14 Rotterdam (NL), Poortgebouw ✝
    20/02/14 Brussels (BE), Magasin 4 ✝
    21/02/14 Lille (FR), CCL
    22/02/14 Nantes (FR), Asso Cable Festival
    23/02/14 Geneve (CH), Cave 12, http://www.cave12.org/STAER-HORACIO-POLLARD
    25/02/14 Sant Feliu de Guíxols (ES), Atzavara Club
    26/02/14 Barcelona (ES), TBA
    27/02/14 Madrid (ES), El Perro
    28/02/14 Puerto De Santa Maria (ES), Mondongo Club
    01/03/14 Lisbon (PT), TBA
    02/03/14 Braga (PT), TBA
    03/03/14 Pontevedra (ES), Liceo Mutante
    04/03/14 Bilbao (ES), Sentinel
    05/03/14 Getaria (ES), Gaztetxea
    06/03/14 Toulouse (FR), Les Pavillions Sauvages
    07/03/14 Marseille (FR), La Machine à Coudre
    08/03/14 TBA (CH), TBA
    10/03/14 Lausanne (CH), TBA
    11/03/14 Lyon (FR), Le Périscope
    12/03/14 Orléans (FR), Le 108
    13/03/14 Reims (FR), L'Appart Café
    14/03/14 Strasbourg (FR), Hall Des Chars
    15/03/14 Wetschewell (DE), Mönchengladbach
    18/03/14 Paris (FR), Instants Chavirés
    29/03/14 Stavanger (NO), CONSUL80

    ✝: with BATALJ
    ☠: without HORACIO POLLARD


    STAER & HORACIO POLLARD release tour for upcoming split release on LE PETIT MIGNON.

    Updates will follow.



    Also presented by MOZART KEBAB:


    17/03/14 London (UK), Café Oto
    19/03/14 TBA
    20/03/14 Antwerpen (BE), TBA
    21/03/14 Lille (FR), CCL
    22/03/14 Brussels (BE), Swine Flu Festival



    PLUS New Zealand & Singapore Solo Mini Tour!!

    10t/13th-  Auckland, TBC
    14th           Wellington, Sound Explorers, 
    15th-         Christchurch, TBC

    17th-        Singapore, organised by The Observatory crew.

    Review on Sound Projector

    "Horacio Pollard is an overlooked genius of experimental noise, and I’ve had a soft spot for everything I’ve heard by this English-Argentine fellow".

    "....he keeps his poisonous eruptions very listenable through use of simple repetitions, arriving at a very economical species of guitar riffage that makes this tape every bit as entertaining as a Led Zeppelin LP"  The Sound Projector.

    whole review here. http://www.thesoundprojector.com/2013/12/21/three-rotary-roggmins/


    Extremely chuffed to have a new tape release on DRID MACHINE. check this cow crud patter out for smells and flakes of the other world maan.
    order here!!!

    Measuring Land Vol.1 DVD available

    Collection of 8 video's  on Neigh%music
    with music from:
    Fully Blown Dental Reform
    Iku Sakan with me
    Tim Olive with me
    & Clifford Torus

    Black & silver screen print on card by Drid Machine , designed by h.pollard

    order one by emailing me at  horacio pollard AT gmail DOT com
    5 euro plus postage

    Back From East

    I,m back from my long and sweaty tour in south east asia.
    Thankyou so much all you wonderful people that helped me put this epic journey together,
    Please take a peep at my photos, u'll see what i mean!

    Hanoi at Sound Stuff festival

    review from hanoi rock city:
    "Horacio Pollard was missing his mouth-mic, which adds a huge dimension to his set. Perhaps the noise wall which he subsequently produced was too much for the average HRC experimental music listener, but it was rich, varied, and powerful. It was surprising, and certainly not the average ‘noise artist’s set of white-brown-pink granular speckles. This was a huge mix of overdriven, schizophrenic, and constantly changing hardcore techno records played through a cement mixer, backwards and with intent. Sometimes it really felt like it was going to drop, but it was so intensely varied that it never needed to." Josh Kopecek
    the whole event

    h.p.i.n.s.e.a from horacio pollard on Vimeo

    Staer Video

    I made a music video for Staer, a great band from Norway. This track is taken from their new record 'dAUGHTER'.

    S.E.Asia tour, Spring 2013

    21st March- Yangon , Myanmar, New Zero Art Space with Arkward Binoculars 
    22nd, Yangon, Kandawgyi Park, Myanmar

    28th Mandalay, Myanmar, tba, with Arkward Binoculars kjj 

    5th April,  Bangkok, Thailand @ Harmonica, Cacophonous#3 festival

    6th Chiang Mai, Thailand, @ the meeting room


    7th, Chiang Mai, Thailand @ the gossip bar

    11-14th April, Hanoi, Vietnam, Sound Stuff Festival, http://www.hanoisoundstuff.vn/

    26th April, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. venue tba

    1st May- Manila, Philippines, @ Subflex 

    New Release Soon!

    New Tape release. ltd 100 copies out on Hamburg based label ALTERED TAPES.

    HORACIO POLLARD • The Words Came Through The Bung

    Half English, half Argentine "noise-eccentric" HORACIO POLLARD has been active in the field of experimental music since 2002 and has released a number of CD/Rs on various labels as well as a split 7" with MOHA!. A member of CLIFFORD TORUS and FULLY BLOWN DENTAL REFORM, he also runs his own label Neigh%Music. Armed with a Korg DDD1 sampler / drum machine, he delivers here an exhilarating avalanche of distorted jams filled with heavy analogue riffs, hypnotic jazzy grooves and fierce noise-drenched rhymes. DISSECTING TABLE meets MOHA! meets GODFLESH or tribal industrial funk at its most devastating! 
    sample track

    A new free release on PIGHOLE MUSIC.
    'Banger & Gash' - 10 tracks done on Roland D50.
    New Animation in production. here's a still from it.


    new CDR 'BARACUDA'
    order €5 including postage.
    (drums and mics stuck in gob, 1 take, stereo 1/4" tape recording)
    "Intense and ugly electronic noise abounds when we enter the undersea world of Horacio Pollard, a Berlin-living musician who spends some time in the UK and runs his Neigh Percent micro-label. Baracuda (NEIGH%MUSIC), like the vicious sharp-toothed saltwater fish which is its namesake, rips into you from the start with acid tones, obnoxious feedback, and harsh shrieking vocalising. Each track is a short episode which ends as suddenly as a nightmare trip to the sonic dentist of pain. Yet we may peel away these crusty layers of noisy cottage pie to expose the sweet filling within Pollard’s music. He controls his powerful forces as surely as an occult magus, yet also knows when to allow his alchemical serpents to slip off the leash and slither wildly into the air with their feathered scales. The further we go into this short album, the more dynamic and textured the music doth become, such as the very enjoyable (to me) two-minute ‘Shephards Prop’ which in this context is almost like pop music. In fact there might actually be a conventional pop-music record lurking somewhere at the bottom of this particular foetid trifle. However if you prefer long duration and relentless attack, then click on to the 10-minute ‘Itching-Togo’ where your predilections will be fully satisfied. Nine tracks are advertised on this CDR, although my version of VLC Media Player will only recognise eight of them, and #6 won’t play at all."
    Sound Projector

    moha/horacio pollard split 7" is ready!

    Features a full-on brain frying typer track from moha! & wet scruffy dog typer tape collage track by me. Well recommended!!!!!
    Make me an offer on price! Will post anywhere/ anytime, get in touch horaciopollard@gmail.com

    Review from Ed Pinsent, The Sound projector, 2012
    "MoHa! and Horacio Pollard teamed up in 2011 to play some live gigs together, and this split single (GAFFER RECORDS GR30) was one result of their activities. The Norwegian duo MoHa! occupy the ‘skier’ side with their familiar intense synth and drum racket, with frantic thrashy noise which reaches levels of intensity that ensure that both players will be burned out before they even reach their 12th birthdays. English noise-eccentric Horacio Pollard creates a thick and chaotic collage of sound on his side, which is completely disjointed and unhinged, the work of a true madman. These crazed juxtapositions of odd field recordings with excessive electronic noise will induce instant blood clots in the brains of many through their total lack of logic and restraint. Nifty package for this release, using inserted printed transparencies and coloured card, and a clear vinyl pressing."
    JUNE 2011
    Finished joint record with TIM OLIVE. and mastered by Danny O'Really
    Video for one of the tracks below!