Back From East

I,m back from my long and sweaty tour in south east asia.
Thankyou so much all you wonderful people that helped me put this epic journey together,
Please take a peep at my photos, u'll see what i mean!

Hanoi at Sound Stuff festival

review from hanoi rock city:
"Horacio Pollard was missing his mouth-mic, which adds a huge dimension to his set. Perhaps the noise wall which he subsequently produced was too much for the average HRC experimental music listener, but it was rich, varied, and powerful. It was surprising, and certainly not the average ‘noise artist’s set of white-brown-pink granular speckles. This was a huge mix of overdriven, schizophrenic, and constantly changing hardcore techno records played through a cement mixer, backwards and with intent. Sometimes it really felt like it was going to drop, but it was so intensely varied that it never needed to." Josh Kopecek
the whole event

h.p.i.n.s.e.a from horacio pollard on Vimeo