moha/horacio pollard split 7" is ready!

Features a full-on brain frying typer track from moha! & wet scruffy dog typer tape collage track by me. Well recommended!!!!!
Make me an offer on price! Will post anywhere/ anytime, get in touch

Review from Ed Pinsent, The Sound projector, 2012
"MoHa! and Horacio Pollard teamed up in 2011 to play some live gigs together, and this split single (GAFFER RECORDS GR30) was one result of their activities. The Norwegian duo MoHa! occupy the ‘skier’ side with their familiar intense synth and drum racket, with frantic thrashy noise which reaches levels of intensity that ensure that both players will be burned out before they even reach their 12th birthdays. English noise-eccentric Horacio Pollard creates a thick and chaotic collage of sound on his side, which is completely disjointed and unhinged, the work of a true madman. These crazed juxtapositions of odd field recordings with excessive electronic noise will induce instant blood clots in the brains of many through their total lack of logic and restraint. Nifty package for this release, using inserted printed transparencies and coloured card, and a clear vinyl pressing."